Daily Learnings

I got this idea from Fiona to record my daily learnings, as a reminder that I am indeed a life-long learner. How fun!

4/21/2007 – Cleaning up a little bit at a time is easier than Spring Cleaning!

4/22/2007 – In an argument with your spouse, ask yourself this question, “Do you want to be happy or to be right?”

4/23/2007 – When packing, always make lists so you don’t forget anything important!

4/30/2007 – Teachers do get fired for what they blog publicly. And anonymity is not assured!

5/06/2007 – Even toes sweat!

5/09/2007 – A child can play with an orange for hours unless you tell them otherwise!

5/13/2007 – Always mail Mother’s Day cards a few days ahead of time!

5/18/2007 – Never underestimate the power of selfishness, fear, and nepotism.

07/07/2007 – Second graders are very young and immature!

09/09/2007 – You can’t fix what’s broken.

06/07/2010 – It’s never too late to start again!


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  1. I feel so flattered that you liked my idea – thank you for the mention!

  2. Omigoodness… did you get fired?! I was wondering about your comment in a recent blog about not having taught for 6 weeks… I hope those two things are unrelated!

  3. Oops! Didn’t mean to give that impression! Not fired. I was on vacation, but now I’m back in school! Other teachers have been fired, so I do have to be careful 😦

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