How do you feel today? (via “the Pierian spring” – ramblings of an English teacher)

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This blog always has highly useful and interesting postings. This one is timely for me because of students have been more than a little bit crazy lately. See my previous posts on my little caged monkeys.

This tool, “How do you feel today?” would be a particularly useful counseling tool for my students and I. My students, second graders, may not have the maturity to express their feelings appropriately and act out instead of stating their feelings. In particular, because it is the end of the school year and a lot of things are going on, my students are stressed and undergoing a lot of anxiety. With this tool, I can understand their emotions and teach them to react appropriately.

How do you feel today? Working at a school this Friday, I came across a resource that I really liked but I could see that, with a few tweaks, it could be even more useful. So, I've made my own version of it. Each 'emoticon' has beneath it a strip of five boxes that could indicate intensity or that could be used to track emotion over a period of five lessons. The sheet is purposefully made using outline drawings so that colour might also be used to develop an emotional … Read More

via “the Pierian spring” – ramblings of an English teacher

Career change to inner city teaching – A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums

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Career change to inner city teaching – A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums

Visit this thread for a terrific discussion on teaching in the inner city.  As I read many of the posts, my head kept bobbing up and down.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  So true!

The final consensus for me and for others is, teaching in the inner city is worth it if you can put up with the crap from the administration.  For me, it’s not the kids, it’s not the parents, it’s not the neighborhoods, it’s the lazy, inefficient, corrupt administration that gives our schools a bad reputation and prevents us from truly educating our students.  I have specific details, but can’t write about it.

I will have to zip up now or get fired.

Don’t even bother to pay teachers

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Here’s the best part. LAUSD contracted the new pay system against the advice of the union. They contracted the new system NOT to the lowest respectable bidder, but to a company with a history of failures and a high price tag, simply because someone greased someone else.
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Pay teachers now
In another sign of the LAUSD’s dysfunction, its payroll system has gone haywire for 13 weeks.
May 1, 2007

This is week 13 that the famously dysfunctional district has failed to pay its 78,000 employees properly. Instead of regular checks for predictable amounts, teachers, guidance counselors and support staff have been receiving too little (one cent in at least one case), too much ($5,000 in another) or no check at all. That’s 13 weeks of juggling mortgages, car payments and utility bills.
At healthy organizations, there are consequences for failure. The LAUSD is not a healthy organization. The district acknowledged as much after a report it commissioned last month lambasted its own confused operations and inability to solve problems identified many times before.
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