Updated Reading and Writing Homework for Second Grade

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I updated my reading and writing homework, which uses a flow map, for second grade.  This is a tentative change for me.  I will observe how my students handle this homework before making more changes.  For now, the changes include some sentence starters to help the students write about their reading.

Please visit my box.net for the pdf file.

Fun Publishing Idea

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peoplefigureHere’s a fun publishing idea that I got from another second grade teacher. Have students make a large figure with the body as a space to clip on students’ final drafts. This works very well as a way to publish personal narratives. You can also have students create specific characters to publish anything of course. The photo below has two almost finished figures from my new second grade students. We’re missing hair and the final drafts.

Final Application

The Debate: Have Students Copy a Behavior Letter to Parents or Send Generic One Home?

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The Situation

Every conscientious teacher should notify parents about the behavior expectations in the classroom.  I am planning my letter right now.

The Debate

Should I have my second grade students copy a letter to their parents or should I just send home a typewritten letter?

If the Students Copy

If the students copy the letter, it’s in their own handwriting.  They take more ownership of the behavior expectations.  The parents will feel thrilled at reading a letter from their child, even it it’s merely a copy, thus I’m building a sense of connection to the classroom for the parents.  However, some students won’t be able to copy this letter (I have two in particular I’ll post about later).  It will take time and I’m learning that second graders have VERY short attention span.  It will have to be a two session project or a very short letter, which is fine.

If the Teacher Sends a Copy

If I send a copy, then the students don’t take ownership, the parents may or may not read the letter, and while there is a home to school connection, it isn’t nearly as strong (I feel).  It’s quicker and easier though.

The Decision

I will have the students copy the letter, just because the benefits outweigh the hassle to my mind.  I will however have two typewritten copy prepared for my two students who won’t be able to copy.

Why did I bother to blog about this?  It helps me work through my tangled thoughts in my mind 🙂  I also like to blather.

Protected: Teaching Second Grade Next Year

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