Technology in MY Classroom

April 10, 2007 at 6:50 am | Posted in donorschoose, dreams, education, elementary, hope, inner city, poverty, schools, teachers, technology in education, third grade | 1 Comment

A blog truly pissed me off today. You can read my ranting comment in reply.

The blogger might have meant to say something entirely different, but what I gathered from the post was that this blogger believes that technology is extremely important for the future of education, so teachers need to get out of their comfort level and start using technology in the classroom.


You can gather from my reply what my technology situation is in my inner city classroom.

While I love to whine and rage on so, eventually, I also take action. I am now beginning my campaign to get an LCD projector or Smartboard and twenty laptops into my classroom.

Please donate to my proposal and help us get technology in the classroom. Even $5 will help! I mean it! Every little bit counts toward something…a sense of hope for the future, a glimpse of what may be.

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New board games for the kids!

April 3, 2007 at 6:26 am | Posted in donorschoose, elementary, games, Monopoly, teachers, third grade | Leave a comment

I got smart this Sunday for some reason.  I scoured the coupons pages of the Sunday paper and found that Toys R’ Us was having a sale on boardgames.  Furthermore, I found coupons for Monopoly, Operation, Connect Four, and more!  So, I got my husband to drive me to Toys R’ Us and picked up some games at dirt cheap prices for the students.  They’ll be very excited to play the “real” version of Monopoly when they return.

Why do third graders hate Monopoly Jr.?

On a side note: I requested a couple of major items from, a projector and a laptop computer.  I’m gearing up to have my students join this century!

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