Spelling Homework Ideas

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Joanne Griffin has some fabulous spelling homework ideas listed in a doc file.  Today, I grabbed it and formatted my own list of spelling homework choices.  Take a look, you might like!

Click to visit Joanne Griffin’s website.

Never enough time

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How is it that on the third day of school I am already behind?

My boards are empty but my to be graded pile is full. My materials for tomorrow is copied, thank god, but I can’t reach my construction paper for the leaning tower of junk guarding the closets. I am already three days behind on spot checking homework but the parents have already asked me if their children are turning them in.

I need a day in between each day of teaching in order to keep up.

Goal setting

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I like to begin the school year with helping my students to set some goals. As the year progresses, we do more and more goal setting and continue our discussions about goals and objectives until all of my students have internalized their own academic goals and breathe it everyday.

This year, we begin with a quickwrite about what they want to learn in third grade. It was the very first thing they did, before I even introduced myself as their teacher.

To make it interesting, we put it in the form of a peek over book. The kids love it.

Welcome back!

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Welcome to a new year of school! It is only the second day of school, but there is an air of excitement, possibility , and hope I have never felt before at my school. Past readers may know that my elementary school was classically bad. And I mean hopelessly bad.

But the last year has brought about many changes, and now, we have a staff of motivated and enthusiastic teachers, a staff made up of primarily the exact same teachers as before. What do I attribute this major change in culture and attitude to? The abrupt replacement of our now ex-principal with a knowledgeable and able leader who shares power and demands that her teachers wields that power in service of students’ education.

So, let us raise a glass to a wonderful year where both students and teachers learn!

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