Moved Classroom Today

June 29, 2007 at 8:03 pm | Posted in education, inner city, teachers | 5 Comments

It’s the last day of school today!

I finished hauling all my crap from my old room to my new assigned room today, with lots of help from my students (a waste of their time by the way).  Now, I begin to set up my new classroom for the new academic year, which begins next Thursday after the fourth of July holiday.  Just pause for a minute and consider the ramifications of the situation.

Holy heck but I have walls, tables, and floor space covered with boxes and random bits!

All the chairs are mismatched and too large for second graders.  (Ordered new chairs two weeks ago, cross fingers and hope they arrive in time.)

The tables are all at different height. (Must remember to ask plant manager to even out the tables.)

I don’t KNOW what’s that stuff under the sink!

Who left all this crap in my new classroom?  Mr. ____?  He left the school five years ago!  Why didn’t someone throw this out years ago?!

Somewhere in there, I must plan for the first two weeks of school so that my students can begin learning from Day 1.  I must set up my classroom to be an inviting environment for my students.  I must also not strangle people who left their stuff in the classroom and said they’ll be back sometime in August to get it out of MY classroom.  THAT’S RIGHT!  A teacher told me she “needed the vacation time” and will be back two months after my academic year started so that she can haul hundreds of pounds of HER STUFF out of my classroom, let’s not STOP to consider the needs of other teachers, never mind STUDENTS!

I was generous enough to pack most of her crap into boxes and had them dragged down to her new classroom rather than throw them away.  She still has one of MY closets full of her stuff and unfortunately for me, it’s the closet that has those useful, vertical drawers perfect for posters.   Have to purchase some kind of storage box for the posters now.

The school will be open on Saturday for four hours, Monday and Tuesday for six hours.  I shall make use of the available time to set up my classroom.



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  1. i never can understand why other teachers are so inconsiderate of their collegues. (((cITY TEACHER))) I understand your issues completely.

  2. So much to say…

    1. Why in the world are you just ending now and starting again after the 4th of July? Year-round schedule? (I’m sure you’ve explained before, but I missed it)

    2. Why in the world does your school not give you a key to your classroom so you can get in whenever you want?

    3. Why DO teachers always hoard so much junk?

  3. hehehe
    1. Yes, year-round schedule due to overcrowded school. Benefit of being inner-city AND poverty-stricken. They don’t bother building another school in your neighborhood. Elsewhere, schools are being built at breakneck speed.
    2. Our school is locked tight, with security cameras and security doors. We have to be buzzed in through the front door when the parking lot gate is locked (which is most of the time). The buildings are also locked except between 7:30 and 3:30. We used to have keys, but too many vandalism events and admins took away our building keys. It’s a gritty, dangerous neighborhood in which we educate.
    3. I have NO idea! I counted seven large trash bags of junk that I threw away and there’s still more junk! That’s all my stuff, never mind the other teachers’ junk still in my room. Why are we such pack-rats?

  4. Happy First Day of School! 🙂

  5. Thank you!! Whew, that was a rush!

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