Fire Ravaged Student’s House

May 14, 2007 at 7:06 pm | Posted in education, inner city, life | Leave a comment

Over the weekend, one of my students suffered a great personal tragedy. His house burned down with much of his family’s possessions. Luckily, everyone escaped unharmed, from grandparents down to his youngest cousins.

He held up quite nicely and worked hard today, though he was understandably distracted. I got counseling for him immediately, as well as spent the day making sure he’s okay and telling him that what he’s feeling is normal.

The school will do what it can to help. Got to call his family tomorrow. Forgot to bring his phone number home with me.

Normally, I get students telling me about shootings in the neighborhood, but never a house burning down. This is a first one for me.

UPDATE May 15, 2007

Very distracted today. Had a conversation with student. He expressed anxiety and fear that when he returns home, his temporary home will be burned down as well. He still completed his work, but things are starting to get to him.

UPDATE May 20, 2007

Haven’t heard a thing from the school about any support being provided to the boy or his family.  Must follow up and remind folks because I’m getting used to people not doing their jobs unless I remind them to.  I love it that not only do I teach kids citizenship and integrity, I have to teach adults as well.  That’s sarcasm dripping off my fingers there, if you didn’t catch it.


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