NEW – Reading and Writing Homework – Using Circle Maps

May 12, 2007 at 9:31 pm | Posted in elementary, free resources, graphic organizers, homework, thinking maps, third grade, writing | 5 Comments

Just created a reading and writing homework using Circle Maps.  This homework would work well with the younger students or at the beginning of the school year.

Visit my to download both as PDFs.



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  1. Two very good resources there CT. I really like the idea of setting reading homeworks and, if I am honest , don’t do it often enough. What I think is extremely valuable here is the combination of reading, thinking and writing skills. Well done – I wonder if there’s any mileage in suggesting some be done as ‘family’ homeworks? In other words, that students work alongside any older members of their families. Just a thought.

  2. Now that you’ve suggested it, I’m going to muse on this and see what the possibilities are for creating family homework. Perhaps an older person can read a newspaper article to my younger student, who then organize the article in a graphic organizer…

  3. i love this!!! I can see how this could be used in my high school classroom–of course with my 9th graders. I think I will save it & modify it, so that they can do more reading at home–prior to coming to class. I feel like I teach them the text, instead I like the text to supplement me. You are an AWESOME teacher! With great resources, too.

  4. These are awesome. Would love to link to them.

    Just wondering about the first one. Would you say write a “sum up” or write a summary? Isn’t “sum up” a verb and summary a noun? I struggle with this in my classroom too as the different words do sometimes confuse the students.

    I wish OCR used “summarize” instead of “sum up” as it would be a little less confusing.

  5. Opencourt, you are more than welcome to link to any of the stuff I created on this website. If it’s more convenient, you can upload it to your site. I use plenty of the resources on your site, so it would be good to start giving back some 🙂

    Proverbs, THANKS!!! Glad they’re useful even to older students!

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