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April 30, 2007 at 11:20 am | Posted in education | 3 Comments

Some of you may have noticed that some of my posts are now password protected.  That is because I have learned that teachers are being fired for what they blog publicly, even though they have taken every step to assure their anonymity and the anonymity of their students and school.

I started this blog as a way for me to vent about you know what and you know who, but now I find I can’t even do that.  I am terribly disappointed of course.

I have password protected some of my old posts.  I will probably search through and password protect more. Only people I personally know will have access to the password.

It is devastating to me that I cannot speak my mind at school, and now cannot speak my mind through my personal blog.  My wife is tired of me ranting to her.  And my friends have no conception of what it is like.

Thus censorship wins out again.



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  1. Hey CT, at thr risk of sounding a bit thick – what do you mean, “password protected”. Does this mean there are invisible postings that I can’t see? I am really sorry that you feel oppressed by censorship; we have similar restrictions here. A teacher in the UK may be dismissed for anything which “brings the profession into disrepute.” And they wonder why there’s a teacher shortage? Keep writing, Andrew.

  2. Hey Andrew,

    Sorry I didn’t clarify! “Password protected” means the post is there, but in order to read it, you have to enter the password. It is not a private post, which is one that no one can see except the original poster. WordPress has the option on the right sidebar.

    Thank you for the encouragement! I will continue to post, but I’m likely to keep the more negative stuff to myself. That upsets me the most because, personally, I’m both negative and positive and I like to have the ability to express both side of me.

  3. I know what you mean – my dear friend Ingrid and I have what we call ‘car rules’ as a way of venting a bit of spleen. The idea is that when we are in a car (hers or mine) we can speak freely. On getting out of the car at work, the censorship kicks in. Works for us. I know exactly what you mean though – had a mini rant myself on my blog yesterday in fact – I suppose the fact that we are able to express it somewhere must be our safety valve. 🙂

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