Writing with Thinking Maps

April 23, 2007 at 7:51 am | Posted in education, elementary, graphic organizers, Special Education, teachers, thinking maps, third grade, writing | 3 Comments

Write from the Beginning Series

Writing with Thinking Maps

I wrote a series of blogs on writing using Thinking Maps and this quickly became a favorite for many readers. So, I decided to organize the blogs onto one post to make it easier for people to find all the articles and to clarify the sequence of our process.

The writing process was taken directly from a supplementary program, Write from the Beginning, from Thinking Maps.

1. How we do it in our class – an explanation.

2. The pre-writing process part 1 – using Circle Maps

3. The pre-writing process part 2 – using Flow Maps

4. First Draft – some samples

5. Flow Map – explanation of the parts of the Flow Map and how we use it for writing.

6. An example from my Special Ed student showing success for all students – The Pre-Write

7. A first draft from my Special Ed student – The First Draft

8. A second grade, friendly thank you letter – The entire process

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  1. […] You can also read more about writing using Thinking Maps at my previous posts. […]

  2. […] carefully at how I teach writing using Thinking Maps, we can see that we start with my students’ strength, topic-association, by using a Circle […]

  3. […] City Teacher, an Los Angeles teacher, created a blog highlighting his usage of Thinking Maps, and goes into some detail explaining how it helped to turn his students who were overwhelmingly reluctant to write, into proficient writers.  You can find his journey here on the portion of his blog dedicated to using the visual tools at Writing with Thinking Maps. […]

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