Using Triangles to Teach Math Facts

April 14, 2007 at 9:39 am | Posted in graphic organizers, learning modality, math, third grade | 1 Comment

I learned this strategy from Andrew. Using triangles to teach math facts may become my favorite method for teaching math facts because it is small visual guide jam packed with a lot of facts! Memorizing is always difficult for my students and a visual like a triangle would be a great mnemonic for them.


Instead of multiplication/division, you can also teach addition and subtraction facts.

I’m thinking that, once students are taught how to use these triangles, they can have triangle flash cards to practice with at home and at school.

These triangles don’t just teach the facts, though. They are really powerful in illustrating to the students the commutative property of addition and multiplication, thus students understand why math facts work and why you can’t just throw in any number into the mix.


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  1. Well I’m blowed! You see, that’s why I love education. It’s just amazing how an idea can be usefully adapted by a brilliant colleague. Well done! CT I think this is absolutely fantastic.

    I guess I didn’t immediately see it because, unlike yourself, I really only teach English. And then there’s the fact that we work with different age groups of course.

    Mind you, I did teach a bit of maths last year though (Year 8 – er, 11 and 12 year olds). I wonder if there’s anything else I should share. 😉

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